Dux Manifest

DUX thrives on the imagination of infinite possibilities, of dreaming and going ahead, unleashing, breaking, and overcoming barriers. Having the ambition to learn the new, the wisdom to sometimes accept failure, but dare to start again.

Recognizing the hidden talents, the forgotten gifts, and strengthen the will to start again no matter how hard the journey away from home would have been.

It requires patience and kindness, resilience, and courage, a vital hope. Leadership that rejects complacency, breaks through bureaucracy and defies stagnation. To do what is right, not what is easy.

It requires investing as a mean, not an end, to dare to go where markets have failed and aid has been insufficient.

DUX, the ambitious idea of creating a world without borders with chances and opportunities for everybody.

Do you want to experience a state of happiness and fulfillment?
Meet DUX and help us to help!

Freedom to fly on any horizon,
freedom to land where the heart wants.

CecĂ­lia Meireles