What we do

Courses and training


Self Development Journey for Women

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Emotional and Social Intelligence for Teenagers

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Healing ancestral patterns: working the mother and father lines

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Discover your life purpose

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Professional success and leadership

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Entrepreneurship outside your home country

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Work on your self-esteem and release your divine feminine

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Diamonds of Life

look into your past and visualize your future

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After adversities, it is necessary to know how to recover and overcome scars

Saiba Mais

Who looks outside, dreams
Who looks inside, wakes up

Carl Jung

Events and Immersions

Lectures and Workshops

DUX joins in several events and courses as a guest.

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Special Meetings

Meetings on different topics which aim to promote an exchange of information

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Special meetings with the elderly

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© Immersion of Personal Development Sol et Luna

Journey of reflection, self-knowledge and rediscovery

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© Expat Expand Experience

This event aims to connect people and businesses

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Customized Programs

DUX organizes customized programs on different topics, working mainly with the challenges faced by foreigners living outside their home country.

Learning and Development Consulting

As the context in which your company finds itself changes and evolves, DUX can help you with your planning and execution of development programs. We can provide great experts and consultants, helping you to shape the best strategy to develop effective diversity and inclusion policies that work best for your company. Our network allows us to target diverse language groups, respecting inclusion and diversity in all senses.

Internal training

Improve your business results with our personalized training, coaching and consulting for companies. The training is customized to your specific needs. We tailor the training in the classroom or one-to-one, and develop e-learning and blended learning courses. You will improve the way of thinking, skills and tools of your company's employees thanks to an international vision and a holistic approach. Our programs look at your employees through their roots, with an “out of the box” approach, bringing excellent results. Contact us now for more information on business training or business coaching.

Individual or group coaching

You can choose one way to be accompanied within an Orientation program: individually or in a group. The following are some pros and cons of each. Evaluate which is best for you:

Individual service allows:

  • Further deepen your questions, since you are always in focus and do not need to share your attention with the rest of the group
  • More chances to get in touch with more intimate issues
  • The advisor usually has more control over the process
  • Process focuses exactly on your path and issues

Group guidance, in turn, offers benefits such as:

  • Exchange of experiences
  • Strengthen interpersonal relationships
  • Offer other models to participants
  • Optimize process results

We offer different options:

Single Individual Session

Enjoy 2 hours of individual sessions and develop your personal process and with your own schedule. Commit to your personal development.

Individual Coaching - Basic Package

An intensive process with full support from a great Coach. Using powerful coaching interventions to support your change and achieve your desired goals. It certainly gives you the advantage of a change more quickly.

Individual Coaching - Premium Package

Take time to invest in you. Understand how to use your knowledge, views and perspectives to create more opportunities. Our team, through innovative techniques, achieves major changes, better adaptation, mentality, as well as more positive relationships.

DUX Team Coaching

DUX is specialized in helping international and diverse teams to obtain more flexibility, satisfaction, structure, connection and, consequently, better results. Our focus is on paradigms shift and changing behaviors, thoughts and emotions to achieve increasingly better results. We bring the best experts from different countries with the specific knowledge and experience needed by your company!