Discover your life purpose

The term Ikigai is described by neuroscientist Ken Mogi as "reason to live" or "the reason that makes you wake up every day". Imagine a path that leads to the final destination of your life. This final destination is the vision. The path that takes you is the mission. And purpose is the reason why you are following this path and not some other path. Values are the compass that guides you on this path. In another way, the purpose is WHY (Why?), the mission is HOW (How?) and the vision is WHERE (Where do you want to go?).

Target audience:

People who are looking for a new direction / purpose in their lives.


Through different techniques and exercises, this course will help you to:

  • Assist in the search and discovery of your talents and skills.
  • Help discover your life mission.
  • Seek a feeling of daily progress, practicing the search for your real path, showing how to master the different areas of your life and how to take steps in the right direction every day, harmonizing financial, personal and social challenges.
  • Helping people to start the journey to discover their path, understand “who you believe you are” and “who you can be”.


This course will connect you to your forgotten purposes, and remember you that you are your best resource to achieve your life mission. This course will show you why the purpose is greater than you. It is to serve beyond yourself. And you will certainly love your mission, because it's yours. It was entrusted to you.

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