Having a family tree and not studying it is like having a treasure map and not going after it

Alejandro Jorodowsky
Yin Yang

The family history that defines us has many unconscious secrets, which shape our personality and life purpose, both in terms of mother and father line.

We all have a male and female side, the yin and the yang. Both energies balance our lives.

Maternal Line

Many women came before you and many will come after you. We focus on restoring the mother-daughter relationship and the lineage of women. The way you unconsciously correlate to that relationship has a great impact on your life, thoughts and health. This is reflected, among other things, in the relationship you have with others.

It is important to heal the women and the relationships in the family clan. Because since the mother's womb, painful memories were inherited that failed to be resolved. All of these events are triggered in our lives, repeating so that we can resolve and transform them with love, being able to honor the maternal line, while benefiting the generations to come...


  • Have a better understanding of your blocking patterns.
  • Understand the power and resources of your feminine line in yourself.
  • Find peace and relaxation in your own position on your family line.
  • Find the reconciliation and peace that everyone needs in life, providing a state of greater happiness.
  • Overcome Past blocks or traumas that can cause problems to your current performance.
  • Release unsettled and unhealed family emotions inherited of which you are not aware.
  • Above all, have healthier emotional relationships and achieve professional success.


Healing from inherited memories, and freeing ancestors from guilt and judgment we have made.

When we decide to heal ourselves from these memories, by cutting energetic bonds we free ourselves, we free our ancestors and, above all, we free our children.

Father line

Releasing family patterns and healing male memories of the family system.


  • Avoid repeating family patterns that may have negative consequences of the father line.
  • Handle unresolved and unhealed family emotions, as well as distress, relationship problems, money and career.
  • Contact blocks that come from the male family line.


Heal and free yourself from these ancestral memories, which have conditioned your life.

Learn to connect with the male energy. When you assume your father's line, you recapture your place and feel the support and love of your father's assistance. You learn to identify and focus on your own aspirations and make positive choices.

Through highly effective exercises, you will not only be able to cut all those inherited programs, but also to free each of your male ancestors. And above all, you will free your children and live your life to do what you have always wanted, with peace and freedom.

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