Professional success and leadership

Aquila comes from Latin and means eagle, which in turn is symbolized by its sovereignty, beauty, courage, strength and grandeur. It is also used as a symbol of power and authority in many cultures, representing nobility, majesty, freedom, agility and other virtues. The image of the eagle is associated with leadership, elevation, determination, overcoming and victory. In the worlds of business and enterprise, the expression “eagle vision” is used a lot, representing visionary people, who see beyond and can advance, overcome limits and reach the top.

Target audience:

For all professionals who would like to obtain greater knowledge and acquire new tools to impact their reality.


  • Find out who you are and your real goals
  • Understand how to make plans to achieve your goals
  • Manage your actions when faced with new challenges
  • This requires self-knowledge as a basis and tools and concepts that help you structure your plans and objectives. DUX will help you on this journey of discovery and self-knowledge
  • Train and understand different topics of leadership within the multicultural context
  • Understand how to attract talent to your cause by finding suitable people
  • Realize how to create advanced models and apply it to your professional life, creating more powerful, efficient and conscious teams


You will be able to create and follow your own career path and put yourself on a professional path that brings your personal satisfaction, generates concrete results and has a positive impact in any sector of activity.

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