Diamonds of Life

This workshop helps you look into your past, create awareness of your life lessons in special moments of your past and unwrap your different gifts. Through a journey through your timeline and living a path full of surprises, you can look back with compassion and wisdom and see that each past experience brings an important message and lesson. By looking to the past while seeking, finding and admiring your diamonds, unique to your life. When visualizing your future, what do you see?what are and where are the diamonds that will happen future? Bring them into your vision during this workshop.

Through our SELAR technique, we will connect you with your past and future in a 1-day workshop. We will work intuitively, using coaching and nlp techniques combined with special art techniques and materials.


  • Understand which past moments were important in your life
  • Get in touch with your unconscious in a deep process contacting your past
  • Open your vision to past events and what they brought to your present moment


Recognize and value more the positive moments you have been through and understand how these can help on your present and future journeys. Craft an Inspiring Personal Vision for Your future, setting new goals and objectives through an artistic process .

For whom:

Anyone who wants to be aware of their gifts of life and would like to plan a better future.

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